Control Component Manufacturing

OCC Manufacturing Department

Optimum Controls Corporation Manufacturing Department produces control panels for various applications. Our custom metal shop with powder coating abilities allows us to produce enclosures to almost any specification. This also allows us to fabricate custom motor controllers, main control consoles, and switchgear units.

Microprocessor Embedded & Programmable Controllers

Optimum Controls Corporation also manufactures, in house, a line of microprocessor based embedded controllers and application specific programmable controllers.

  • OCC manufactures the following products in our Reading, PA facility:
    • Optimum 9000 Building Automation System and Software
    • Optimum 090 Building Application Specific Controllers
  • OCC manufactures Digital Based Controllers for the following manufacturers:
    • U.S. Power – Ground Source Heat Pump Controller
    • Colorex – Swimming Pool / Spa Controllers
    • Poolpak – Natotorium HVAC Unit Controller
    • Fluid Systems – Water and wastewater treatment equipment
  • OCC manufactures the subject controls at our Reading facility. OCC utilizes the following tooling in the production of control components at our Reading facility:
    • Automatic Wave Soldering System – Capacity of 280 circuit boards per hour
    • Automatic Component and Lead Preparation Systems
    • Microprocessor Controlled Plasma Cutting System – 5’x 10′ table
    • Dry Powder Finishing System for Hybrid Epoxy / Polyester Chemistries
    • Powder Finishing Oven
    • Hewlett Packard and Wintech Circuit Board and Microprocessor Development Systems
    • Software development systems

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